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"John Eyerman handled my case for over five years. It was an emotional time in my life, but having John as my lawyer was a blessing. He made me feel like he was fighting for his own children. He is honest, dedicated and believes in what he does (passionate). I am truly grateful to him for everything he did for me (Won FULL custody) of my two children. If you want a lawyer who thinks of you as a real person and not a dollar figure, then *John Eyerman* is your guy. John I wish you all the best, THANK YOU"
Shorlet A.

"John Eyerman is a very experienced, passionate and dedicated Family Law attorney. I have had the pleasure of working with him on a professional level through the agency I was employed and our families that hired him. We have had many successes in adoption finalizations and other case related issues that he was able to resolve in an expeditious manner, based on his expertise and extensive knowledge of family law. He is an excellent professional who goes to the extent to provide satisfactory results to his clients and families he has worked with."
Nadine P.

"I have known John Eyerman for the past six years working with him on several cases in family court. His professionalism and dedication to his vocation was an amazing testament to the skills that he possesses. He provided outstanding service to all of his clients and it was an honor to work with him. I would recommend his firm with the highest regard."
Debbie K.

"I’ve worked with John Eyerman for the better part of twenty plus years, different cases, different settings, different circumstances and I’ve been hard pressed to find a better, more responsible, more conscientious attorney and firm in all of New York. I highly recommend him and his firm."
Fabiola H.

"John Eyerman is the best attorney in the field. He is professional, reliable and respected by Judges and colleagues. He personally represented my family member in court and it was a job well done." Karen J.

"John is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, reliable and respectful individuals I have ever worked with. He and his office staff are always attentive and prompt with any questions or concerns you may have."
Joseph C.

"For the past 11 years I have worked with the firm between two foster care agencies. My experience in working with the firm ranged from TPR petitions as well as adoptions. The team is extraordinary in meeting the needs of their clientele. If John had to handle things himself directly to ensure satisfaction he will. Despite of time constraint or availability he ensures that the job is done efficiently and effectively. Great firm with a long standing team."
Shumekia C.